Archery Camp

We have just finished the inaugural Farnham Archery Camp, and as I said in my email, a bit like band camp but with less instruments, in fact it was a little surprising to see that we actually had two guitars!


I think I'm also safe in saying that it was a great success, there were 10 tents in the field, we had a quick shoot and then a BBQ and then spent the evening chatting around a camp fire. A little bit of alcohol was consumed but only enough to keep the chill off (honest).

What did we learn? It's the female fox that screams like a child and Mick Dicks once went searching for a lady being attacked but was actually being taken on a merry chase around the woods by a fox. Nobody can unicycle more than 2 metres at the club but there are quite a few jugglers. Tansy is new to tents but takes on challenges with a bottle of Champagne, red wine, white wine and a few beers. You can barbecue salmon but it's recommended to part cook sweetcorn. There are also quite a few people interested in astronomy! Finally, Steve d'Entrecasteaux doesn't seem to know all the words to any song but does a good "Ernie the fastest milkman".

We're certainly going to run this again and may even have a couple next year because it was such fun. We're also thinking about an Astronomy evening but it's best to do this in winter when there are less atmospheric distortions (this is why stars twinkle), if you're interested drop me (Ian) an email.



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